About Us

Avantgarde Shipping is a young but very active company with experience and knowledge of decades based in Singapore. Since we founded Avantgarde Shipping, our course has been set on one goal which is to make Avantgarde known for professionalism and your solid partner in across the global. How do we deliver this promise? With more experience, understanding of our clients business, by offering tailor made solutions Whether it is bulk agriproducts, complicated project cargoes, or imo class 1 cargoes.

Our solutions can be from a specialized ship with lifting capacity up to 900 mtons or normal bulker vessel, or as simple as a barge/landing craft solution. We do have own long period time chartered vessel sizes from 1000 dwt up to 16000 dwt which are running with bulk agriproducts and projects/ breakbulk cargoes Trading Persian Gulf, Arabian Gulf, Indian Ocean, Red Sea, Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea up to continent. Avantgarde is specialized in Turnkey solution of Project cargo/ Heavy Lift, Power plants, Chemical plants, Eolic structures, Heat Exchanges, Pressure vessel, Plant modules, IMO Class 1, Military and Defence equipment.

Mission and Vision

These statements outline our aspirations as a company, and how we intend to achieve them. They also steer our employees in the right direction to ensure that we are all navigating the same course.

Mission statement:
To assist our global customers in realizing the full potential of the offshore shipping industry.

Vision Statement:

To Occupy a Lead Position in the Global Maritime Industry by Providing World Class Shipping Service to Variety of Clients Directly or Through Business Partners and Associated Companies.


Company Policy Statement :

It is the policy of Avantgarde Shipping Pte Limited that, the company is committed to comply with the sanctions laws and regulations of the United Nations (UN), the European Union (EU) and the United States(US) including the Office of Foreign Asset Control of the US (OFAC), as well as all applicable sanctions laws and regulations in the jurisdictions in which the Company operate. The Company does not transact or deal business of any kind that the Company believe :

-  that may violate the applicable sanctions laws, directly or indirectly,

-  involve individuals, entities, or vessels listed on an official sanctions list by the UN, EU, OFAC or the local regulatory sanctions list whether directly or indirectly,

- are residing in, or operating from a sanctioned country/location.